CoffeeChats @ CreativeTypes

"What have you created of your own accord for your own purposes?" - Thomas Martin, Hs.D.

¶  CreativeTypes with the CreativeDrive to make a full-time living from their CreativeOutput are welcome to join us for semi-regular CoffeeChats!

¶  We meet at "rotating restaurants" from San Francisco to Sacramento on most Saturday mornings at 10:AM for no-host coffee-and-more, providing mutual support and encouragement while comparing notes on various ventures. An actively emerging co-op pursues collaborative marketing strategies to facilitate real money in the real world. In this way CreativeTypes can eventually become and remain self-supporting entirely by their CreativeOutput via concerts, presentations, art shows, seminars and other channels.

¶  CreativeTypes of all genres are welcome: artists, writers, musicians, programmers, architects, sculptors, thespians, podiatrists, et cetera ad infinitum. RSVP with your e-mail address and a "mini-bio" -- i.e., briefly describing your creative areas and goals -- to for meeting info!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein